Rotring Tikky, the first design of our group of companies is more up-to-date than ever.

13 July 2022

The newly graduated entrepreneur Bernhard Tinz still had no order. So the story of Tikky begins with the designer flipping through the yellow pages of the city of Hamburg, looking for potential customers.

Bernhard Tinz tells: 
I flip through aimlessly. And then my index finger gets stuck on a line: rOtring-Werke Riepe KG in Hamburg. I do research and think to myself: A beautiful writing instrument in this day and age is like a "gift from heaven." maybe even a little piece of jewelry.

I pick up the phone and try to make it clear to the employee on the other end of the line that I can't go on with my ideas. in the writing instruments market Cross borders can. She does not understand my request. But still, she kindly connects me with the person who can make decisions.

"Riepe" announces my counterpart. Without waiting for his question, I briefly introduce myself and explain to him how important it is for such a company, always on the lookout for new ideas and trends to be, which may even to continue the invaluable tradition of the brand. And he should not miss it, with me as a so-called "newcomer", the in the "service of creativity stands to have a conversation. He said ironically, "that's a brilliant idea, which I'm sure he would never have thought of himself." And added: "I don't know you, of course. But I'll risk coming to see you".

A little later, Mr. Riepe's visit turned into the order:  
"Then why not write writing instrument history with your ideas for once".Everything was possible now.

2022 Tikky is an icon, more contemporary than ever:

The Tikky design is a design for scarcity. For all those who have based their design on abundance, the pandemic and the Ukraine conflict at the latest brought an awakening. Whether it is a question of skilled labor, supply chains, energy or speed - nothing is the same as it was just a short time ago. In the quest for local production capabilities with finite resources, the time has come more than ever to refocus design on scarcity. Tikky, which consists of only a few parts, was produced in West Germany until 1989, and later in Germany.

Tikky appeals to the senses. Multisensory design incorporates the way people react to products. No matter whether it is about See, feel or hear This is where the bridge between the virtual and physical worlds is built. Tikky still impresses with incomparable haptics and ergonomics. It serves the creators of this world to put their "virtual" thoughts on paper in the form of precise lines.

Even more than 40 years later, design must be linked to beauty. appeal. Tikky is functionally perfect and at the same time breaks a lance for beauty with its slender body and the unique wavy handle. Beauty brings products attractiveness and charisma. Beautiful things are treated more carefully - and thus directly serve brand building.

It is in our world, currently marked by unpleasant events, the beautiful things that make us happy again and again.

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