Crises as drivers of innovation

15 February 2022

It is no longer a secret that companies, products or nations are more successful when they question themselves and think disruptively. Disruptive means non-linear, actively allowing upheavals and accepting uncertainty. In the corporate world, disruption is lived in all facets, sometimes seriously, sometimes less so, sometimes more narrowly, sometimes more broadly. But hardly any company today can afford not to deal with disruption at all in order to secure its own continued existence.

Science shows that constantly dealing with new things is the best way to avoid crises. Based on my experience to date, I dare to suggest that people who do not deal with themselves in a disruptive way cannot think disruptively in a business sense either. The crisis is therefore programmed.

Conversely, if you yourself are not an innovator in the true sense of the word, you can at least encourage and promote innovation by disruptively questioning (even yourself). Have you ever creatively rethought your own value proposition?


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