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Positive impact through innovation

15 February 2022

If you search Google for the term "impact" in connection with "innovation," you will notice the particularly high search interest in developing countries, followed by Australia and North America. China and Russia do not appear in the statistics.

What distinguishes "Impact Innovation" from "conventional" market innovations? Impact innovation seeks to have a clear impact on our society or the planet. This impact is often linked to the UN Sustainability Goals - for example, it refers to promoting environmental sustainability, responsible consumption or social inclusion.

One could quickly conclude from such goals that "impact innovation" wants to replace our historical striving for growth and scaling à la "more is better". This often places "impact innovation" in opposition to traditional scaling paradigms, which largely stem from the industrial revolution or from newer approaches such as "lean innovation".

LADIESDRIVE_No56_S077_Column Teresa Valerie Mandl


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